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Teaching Philosophy

Create a fun environment for learning
This is achieved through varied activities, e.g. playing amusing, fun, and modern music, playing along with fun accompaniments, not just playing the classics, and many other activities. I don’t believe that piano lessons should be grueling, full of finger exercises, working with a metronome until you can’t stand it anymore. Piano lessons should be fun and it’s usually fun because of the music you play!

Teach how to play the piano efficiently
Playing piano is like dancing. There’s choreography and fluid motion. There’s minimal movement in order to get the job done. I believe that it is my role to guide the student on how to play the right way.

Provide understanding of solid music theory
When you understand how the foundation works, you can build on it in many different ways: artistic interpretation, composition, improvisation, and many other musical paths…


Degrees held by R. Joseph Nuval:
Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester (NY)
High School Arts Diploma with a concentration in piano performance from the Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI

Lesson Rates

Currently, my monthly rates for piano lessons are dependent on which location your lesson is held.

The monthly fees reserve a weekly time slot. Fees are charged by the month, and are not lowered nor refunded for missed lessons. Please bear in mind that, during the year, some months will contain an extra week for which there is no additional charge. It is highly recommended that you attend regularly during these months, helping you to compensate for any lesson(s) you may have missed during the year. There is a discount for families with more than one student. Please contact me for more info.

Missed Lessons

If, for some reason, a lesson must be missed, please notify me at least one week (or not less than 24 hours if possible) in advance. I will make my best effort to provide an alternative time slot to make up for the lesson, which is dependent on mutual schedules and availability of the studio. There are no guarantees of making up a lesson, so please honor your lesson time.

Payment Schedule

The current month's lessons will be billed on the first lesson of the month and are due at that time unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.

Termination Policy

If a student and/or parent should decide to terminate lessons at any given time during the year, please provide a TWO WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE. Such notice must be delivered in writing to me in person or by mail.

At my discretion, I reserve the right to terminate lessons in the following general circumstances:

  1. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior by students and/or parents
  2. Coming to lessons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  3. Failure to pay monthly lessons in full


Regular attendance is crucial to the success of the student’s musical study. Nuval Piano Studio will bear no financial responsibility for the student’s absence(s) due to illness, weather, sports activities, or any similar type of event. On occasion, if I am sick or out of town, I will provide the opportunity to reschedule or cancel the lesson (including corresponding fees) upon agreement by both myself and the student or student’s parent.

National Holidays

There are only two national holidays when the studio will be closed, and for which there shall be no rate reduction: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The studio will be open for lessons on all other national holidays for those who choose to be here. If you will be gone on a national holiday, please let me know as soon as possible so that I may adjust my teaching schedule to better accommodate those who will be here. Again, please bear in mind that there are no "make-ups" or rate reduction for those choosing to be absent on national holidays.

Music Lesson Materials

The student or student’s parent is responsible for purchasing music books to be used during lessons. Typical music books to be purchased are: 1 lesson book, 1 theory book, and 1 performance recital book. Each book varies in price from $4.95 to $14.95. On average, books will need to be purchased once per semester.

Practice and Parental Support

Daily practice is required and, depending on age and musical level, daily practice time will vary. For younger students, it is recommended that practice time is at least 15 minutes to a ˝ hour per day. For older students, practice time should be at least 1 hour per day.

A practice log is supplied at the end of each lesson and details what the student is to work on during the time in between lessons. The practice log is to be filled out daily as the student practices.

Support from parents and other family members living in the home is extremely important during practice time. A quiet, uninterrupted time should be set aside daily and respected by others in the household. Practice time is an extension of the lesson, and parents of younger students (esp. ages 7-9) should also consider attending the regular weekly lesson in order to guide and assist the student during practice sessions at home.

Recitals and Performances

Each semester is geared towards the fall, spring or summer recital. These performances help to build confidence and bolster habits that were learned during lessons throughout the semester.

Students scheduled to perform for recitals are required to attend and perform. Except in cases of family emergency or illness, students may not "drop out" from the program. Such behavior then affects the entire recital, and is not fair to the other performers.

Performers must be at the facility no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of the recital. Participating students and their families are expected to remain for the duration of the entire recital, thereby providing ample audience and respect for all performers.

A nominal fee will be charged to pay for the recital hall facilities and will be distributed evenly among participants.

Lesson Procedures

Please arrive at the studio about 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time. Please be courteous and respectful to the student who is finishing their lesson. Students MUST bring their music books and have their practice log sheet filled out and ready to submit. Please note: failure to bring music books to the lesson is the same as a skipped lesson, so please make sure you have these ready before you leave home! Also, no food or drink (except water) is allowed in the studio.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and understand my studio policies. I look forward to our musical journey together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 262-893-6443 or email me at

R. Joseph Nuval

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